The Gold Coast

Take note of the signs

I have lived in the United Kingdom for nearly 14 years after moving from Australia. I started my coaching business hear six years ago. In the past 2 years I have started to have a yearning to go home. I even broke up with my girlfriend in January 2015 because I wanted to go home and she had no interest in moving to Australia.


The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast

Since then there was barrier after barrier with my personal life and business life. Things just kept cropping up and halting my progress. In fact this had been happening for a number of years, since 2008. I would see others get ‘ the rub of the green’ and I would get seemingly bad luck .

Looking back my goal when coming to the UK was to go home in 2008 after 5 years. All I can say, ” is be careful what comes out of your mouth “. As it will have a big impact on your life. Up to 2008 my life in the UK was awesome to say the least. Since February 2008 my life personally , with my health and professional life have had some major challenges .

What has actually happened is the universe listened to what I said for years before. That was,” I am going home after five years”, which was 2008. When this didn’t happen road blocks were put up to remind me what I had asked for.

Now it hasn’t all been bad of course, I mean winning awards is proves that. It’s hard to explain but deep down things didn’t seem right.


APCTC Business Coach of the year award

Take myself out of the situation

I have successfully coached loads of people and businesses to achieve their true hearts desires. The ones that take my advice always succeed! So I decided to take a step back and take my own advice. I had to take the emotion out of it and try and look at it as if it was someone else’s life and I was advising them. If you have ever tried that it is easier said than done. I guess that is why we have coaches to help us.

To others my advice is, “Once you have your energies aligned, things fall in to place. When you are following your heart and passion the universal source energies will conspire to make it happen”. If for the past 8 years ( in several business ventures) I have been hitting the road blocks then something is wrong with my energies. I had to ask myself ,” I am not really following my heart?”

I had to work out what was it that I really wanted to do, and where is it I really wanted to do it. The answer was pretty clear and the same as it always has been when I asked myself that question. Inspirational talks and coaching is what I wanted to do and Australia is where my heart is at.


Making the decision

Now ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd had been doing pretty good. I mean you only have to check things out on social media to see that! However for the effort we have put in over six years, it hasn’t been doing as well as it should in my opinion. In fact at times it hasn’t been doing as well as some of the clients that I coach. Which is a weird, mind bending situation to be in.

I can see what I teach works and works well, yet it hasn’t worked out quite as well for me. I can’t begin to explain the crazy emotions and thoughts that have gone on in my head while this process has been happening. I felt like a failure at what I was teaching but I wasn’t, I couldn’t be. The proof is there that I am good at what I do. When I did them my coaching and inspirational talks were going great, with absolutely amazing results for those who attended them. I felt depressed inside, yet to the outside world I had to be Mr Happy and Mr Think Positive !

I had to make a decision and I had to make it fast. I had to take myself out of the situation and coach myself if you like.



 Mr Happy

Mr Happy

Rock bottom

From all the years helping people I know you have to hit rock bottom sometimes before you start the climb to success. Well that’s fine but I’m the most stubborn, positive , keep getting back up person I know. I kept getting back up, dusting myself off and heading out with a positive, can do attitude when most people would have quit. This is where the feelings of being a failure started to kick in.

You see I came back from my Australian holiday in January this year knowing I wanted to be home within the year. My goal was to build our business up in the UK, leave it to my business partner Brodie Asaris to run and I would go home to build the business there. I wanted to do this so I so would be able to come back and visit the people close to me in the UK regularly.  I also knew there was a lot of opportunities for our business in Australia.

As I have been trying to set this up this year, there has been more barriers than normal, yet I kept plugging away. That was I did untill there was three incidences with a week that cost us tens of thousands of pounds ( over $20,000 AUS). This really knocked me on backside and for the first time I thought, ‘ I’m not sure I want to get back up’. In the very same week I had a skype call from my good friend Annette Densham in Australia. She was telling me about the great opportunities there for me, how much they all missed me and wanted me to move back.

That was when I had to step back and really decide what to do. It took a week of talking to my step daughters, my ex-girlfriend (the girl’s mum), and friends here in the UK  as I know I would really miss them all. I talked to my business partner and then looked at all that information without emotion and realised what I had to do. The funny thing was once I had booked the one way flight home it all seemed clearer and an obvious decision. Even funnier as I told friends and even clients they all said they knew I was going to home soon, they could just tell. Yet to me in my head I was emotionally torn apart and drained.

The lessons I have learnt
  • From what has been said to me , I can now see the massive value I add to people as a business as a coach, inspirational speaker and friend.
  • Always follow your heart
  • Be careful of what you say as we are hung by the tongue
  • Take time to step back and notice the signs that are being sent to you .

Always remember dreams do come true because Anything is Possible

Simon Cartwright





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