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Dissapline your dissapointments

Attitude is Everything

In business there are a lot of things that will drag you down. There are also things that will give you  a big boost as well. The key thing in when building your business empire is not to let the downs effect your mood or attitude. One of the key things in business is to discipline your disappointments.


Don’t let yourself get disspointed

We all go into business with rose coloured glasses don’t we?  You have a great idea and we get started thinking everything is just going to fall into place. Well I did that and so have most of my clients, so I am sure you did it as well.  I guess you found out the same thing I did then? That is in business there is a lot of disappointments, and there is a lot of things that can and do go wrong. All these unexpected challenges arrive, especially when you are first setting up and getting your business going.

Let me just make it clear, I am not saying business is all doom and gloom. In fact the only real way to have control in your life is to be in business for yourself.  There is no such thing as job security anymore. What I am saying though is in between those wonderful highs you will experience in your business, there are a lot of low points as well. There are a lot of things that if you let them get to you, will create a world of disappointment for you and suck all your energy.


Now you know that there will be heaps of disappointing things happen in your business , you can get your mindset right. What I mean is have the attitude that no matter what the world throws at you, you will keep going. The attitude that you will look for the positive out of every negative situation. Keep a great attitude and positivity like the one of Dr Wayne Dyer when he said,” The right things happen at the right time for the right reasons”. Once you have that mindset you will be amazed how many things you find that are good out of every bad situation. You will find you have a lot of gold nuggets that will help you build your business even bigger than if the so called bad situation never happened.

That’s my job quite often as a business coach. I have to first teach my clients how to get in that positive mindset. Then I help them keep that positive attitude and keep their energy up even when it seems the roof is falling in on them and their business. Through my experience I have found over and over that soon after the valley a wonderful opportunity pops along and throws them up the mountain to see the fantastic views. Those awe inspiring views that only those who don’t quit will get to see.

How to be an overnight success

It generally takes around ten years to create an overnight success. If you put some research in and take a look at every meteoric rise to success, you will find a similar story time and time again. I think we all know you will find years of hard work, that’s a given. You will find also that there were many times when the successful person had to overcome huge challenges. Some of these challenges actually brought them to a point of wanting to quit. Yes that’s right, quit and give up on their dreams!

If you are struggling and want to quit your business right now, you are in the same boat as all successful people not only in business but every walk of life. Then if you look at these success stories even deeper, you will see quite often just when they were going to quit, they got help from someone. They get help to teach them how to discipline their disappointments.  Usually a coach or mentor to help them get through these sometimes crushing challenges. A coach or mentor that helped them when they were down and cheered them on when they succeeded.


Get the right support

Get the right support



You are human after all, we all are! The fact that we are human beings says we are not perfect. So it is not a coincidence that all success stories have had someone in the background to support them. You would have noticed that usually when a speech is given by someone winning an award, the first thing they do is give thanks to all those who have helped and supported them. If you are trying to do this on your own stop right now. Why not do what the successful people do and look for someone to help you? Whether that is me or someone else go and find your support structure who will give you the strength to carry on when you feel like throwing in the towel.

Don’t let your ego tell you that you are weak if you ask for help. By asking for help actually shows strength. Listening and doing what has been suggested shows true character. It shows a character of a successful person in the making.

You have the power within you to find a good coach or mentor to help you discipline your disappointments. That way you will enjoy the journey along the way to your dreams.



a coach helps with everything

a coach helps with everything


  • Understand we all go through the same issues in business
  • Get a positive attitude
  • Make sure your mindset is also positive
  • Keep going when you feel like quitting
  • Ask for help
  • Discipline your disappointments


Simon Cartwright

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