We have arrived in Queensland



We have arrived in Qld

We have arrived in Qld



After years and months of planning ThinkPositive Coaching has arrived in Queensland, Australia. This has been part of our plan since we held our first motivational talk in 2013 . Although we tried to make the move back in 2013, it has taken this long to have it transform into reality.

We now have had our Facebook  page set up for a few months in preparation of the move to Queensland. We have also had this site floating around since 2o13 when we brought the domain name.

Time for work

Although I only arrived in Brisbane on Monday the 6th of February in the afternoon, I didn’t want to waste to much time getting to work. Our first networking event was the Award Winning Lunch , run by Annette Densham on Wednesday the 8th of February . We also have another meet up event on the Gold Coast on Thursday the 9th.

Make a plan

I’m sure you know just like I do that it’s not all going to happen at once. However we also know if the work is put in consistently over a period of time success is inevitable. We also know there is no point waiting for the right moment, that we need to get stuck in straight away. Now is always the right time to do anything.


We look forward to helping many many people in Queensland and Australia to achieve the success they deserve. The same way we have helped business owners in the United Kingdom achieve their success. Once you have worked with us you will realise that Anything is Possible!

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