Simon Cartwright arrived in London England on May the 6th 2003 with no money in his pocket. All he had to his name was a suitcase, a ruck sack and their contents and the clothes he was wearing. He didn’t know anyone in London, had nowhere to live and no job! He had an Australian credit card with only £100 available to use. He used £59 of that to book a week at Earls Court Hostel and do his best to make it in the United Kingdom.

It was a case of sink or swim, and swim he did! By 2007 he had a flourishing tennis coaching business and was running the tennis department at David Lloyd Leeds. Which at the time was a 10,000 member fitness and leisure centre. He owned his beloved maroon BMW and had travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe in that time. He had a lot savings in the bank and was completely debt free.

It was why Simon was running the advanced tennis social night that he met Brodie Asaris. The two of them would talk about having a successful business and playing tennis all day. This chance meeting would end up being very significant.



Tennis buddies.


After his second knee operation on 08/08/08 Simon took himself off to Majorca, Dublin and to the South of England for a month. He was meditating, relaxing, visiting family and socialising as he decided what his future would be. After a random chain of events he decided he would get into property.

So on 08/10/08 he left the Tennis and Leisure club, gave up his tennis coaching business to pursue a business of a different kind. After ploughing all his savings into courses to learn about property in the UK and fully committing himself to this new venture he was ready to develop another successful business. However this business was to teach Simon more valuable lessons in life than he realised. Just a few months after committing to this new business the UK would go into the worst recession in history. Things like property and business are the worst hit in times like this. A business that evolves around property, that had just got started, never stood a chance.

Like so many other business owners in this time Simon’s business collapsed. One day he was not even able to get £10 from his account because there wasn’t that much in there! That was when he decided to walk away from property. As things happened, pretty soon after this he put together a new business of the back of his book Pathways to Success. This business was set up with Brodie Asaris who he used to play tennis with.




Business partners



Just like any business ThinkPositive Coaching has gone through its ups and downs. Especially with the terrible economic crises that has gone on in the UK over the last 8 years. Starting a business through these times has been a great learning experience.

We have also managed to coach lots of other businesses to success through these troublesome times. Which means that there is not to many situations we can’t coach you through to success.

Both of us are Australian and have had a dream of doing ThinkPositive Coaching back in Australia. So on the back of the UK success of the business Simon is now bringing ThinkPositive Coaching back home to Australia.


ThinkPositive Coaching

ThinkPositive Coaching



Simon Cartwright will open the doors of the Queensland business on Monday February 6th, 2017. As we like to say, “dreams do come true, because anything is possible!”

If you would like an experienced international coach to help you achieve the so called impossible, contact Simon on