“We want the world to be a better place, a world full of love and happiness. We do this by providing people with a caring and supportive environment to enable their transformation.”


The reason we have so many success stories is we go the extra mile to help you achieve. You don’t want a coach who is only interested in you when you are sitting in front of them do you? You want a coach who will be there at the end of the phone , email or text when you are in need of help. That is exactly what we do at ThinkPositive Coaching.

 How it works

From the time you commit to us, we commit to you and the coaching will start straight away. We won’t wait till the first face to face coaching session. Monthly we will meet with you face to face for up to two hours in one or two sessions. In between these coaching sessions our coaches are there to support you when you need it via , SMS, calls or emails. We recognise that it is when you are putting what you have learnt into practise you might need us and not just when you are having your one to one coaching sessions. We also recognise that issues don’t always come up between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can contact us any time after 830am and before 9pm Monday to Sunday, as we are here to serve you!

Contact us for a free consultation – just fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

What we do for you

Our award winning coaches are here to help you succeed. We will work with you to find out what it is you need to move forward. We will support you in any way that you need us. This is your coaching, not ours, so what happens will be dictated by what it is that you need. We are here to serve and advise you to achieve your true heart’s desires.

Always remember dreams do come true because anything is possible!

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